Chris is exceptional. We have worked with Chris before and as always he Is a pleasure to work with- customer focused, responsive and solid advice.

Baradwaj H.

We met Chris at a first time home buyers workshop. He was very approachable and answered all of our questions with ease. He also helped guide us through the process of buying a home beyond financing. He definitely went above and beyond. In addition to the support we received from Chris, we quickly realized that MVB has an amazing reputation. Every entity that we engaged with - seller's agent, title company, home inspector, etc. - expressed confidence in MVB, which boosted their confidence in us. Though we don't foresee buying another home in the near future, we would definitely work with MVB again and will recommend Chris to all of our friends.

Amanda B.

As a first time home buyer I was extremely anxious about every step of the process. However, thanks to Chris Kearney and his super friendly team, the entire process from applying to underwriting was streamlined and stress free! Chris was very helpful and made sure that I got the best loan package for my particular circumstances. I am incredibly grateful for all of the work provided by MVB. Should I purchase again, I know who to go to!

Milele D.

Alec's service was great! He was on top of the ball along the entire process and always got back to me ASAP. I couldn't have asked for a better experience in getting a home mortgage loan!

Johann H.

Alec, Clarie, and Danielle were the best to work with. I have actually worked with them before, and the service has always been top notch. If your looking for anything mortgage wise, I would highly recommend MVB Mortgage.

Patrick G.

Chris Kearney and the MVB team made our first home buying experience a very smooth and less scary process. The entire team was very proactive in keeping us up to date and quick to respond to any questions. We would definitely choose MVB again the next time we have a need for a mortgage!

Christopher G.

As a first time homebuyer, I knew nothing about this process. Chris and his team and MVB were excellent and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. They were fast, friendly and very responsive and got me to closing in record time!

Prajakta C.

Chris and The Ross Group were awesome throughout the process. Checking in and following up promptly. Chris answered all my questions and was easily available. He worked closely with my agent to make my approval and closing smooth as possible. My agent was almost not able to make the final signing but Chris showed up for support which meant a lot to me. I really appreciate Chris, Danielle and Claire for their outstanding service.​

Michael F.

The staff at MVB were extremely helpful and accessible. The loan officer worked up lots of different possible scenarios for me, and there was always someone available to talk no matter the time of day or week.

Elizabeth D.

The Ross Group at MVB Mortgage was awesome. They were very knowledgeable and well versed on mortgage interest rates, lending, and financing for my home purchase. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home!​

Lauryn S.

It was a pleasure to work with MVB Mortgage for our loan requirements. They were quick, efficient, and reliable, and gave us the best rates. We contacted MVB on October 3rd and were cleared to close on November 3rd – a week before our closing date.

Eleni N.

EXCELLENT Customer Service! Chris and the team at The Ross Group at MVB Mortgage are very professional and easy to work with. They make the entire loan processing process a very smooth and “no-follow up” affair. They are easy to approach with any question – even the silly first time home buyer questions. They patiently address everything and ensure the customer is happy at every step during this process. They are very serious about the deadlines and do not let anything slip as every day is critical during the home buying process especially when you have tight deadlines to meet the closing date. Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. Chris was never tired with any of the last minute requests we made – weekdays/weekends. He was always happy to help. The loan processing team is also extremely professional and have very well defined processes/checklists that are easy to follow – “No Surprises at All” Overall we are EXTREMELY Happy with the service from MVB Mortgage. We would HIGHLY recommend Chris Kearney at MVB Mortgage! Thank you Chris!

Arathi & Brad

Great company, great loan products, excellent and speedy service provided by Alec Gagne, Claire Fleming, and Danielle Lail

Neil M.

Chris Kearney, Claire Fleming, and staff were nothing short of fantastic during the home buying process. I felt educated and confident in every step along the way. Chris really went the extra mile in selling me on MVB’s and his expertise and ability to take care of me as a client. Chris got me the best rate possible and his efforts literally saved me thousands of dollars. His knowledge of the DC market made it easy to competitive with other offers.

Joel E.

MVB’s bridge loan product allowed us to borrow against the equity in our current home to buy our next house. This allowed us to move into our new home and not have to live in the current home while it was being marketed for sale. This made the sale process a lot less stressful and allowed us to stage the home for maximum resale value. [They had] everything ready to go on time or well before it needed to be done.

Sarah B.

All the process was done with sense of urgency and smoothest process ever

Elsa R.

Communication was excellent and the entire team was very helpful and informative!

Frank T.

Buying a home can be a terrifying experience. There are so many things to do. There are also many emotions that a first time home buyer experiences. Thankfully, our real estate agent highly recommended Jaime Young. She was the answer to my prayers. From start to finish, she was perfectly professional, kind, and patient. She answered ALL of my questions, with a smile, and continuously followed up with me to keep me on track. She made my mortgage process understandable instead of overwhelming. She found several options of me, as first time home buyer. I am highly appreciative all of her wonderful service and the great folks at MVB Mortgage. Because of her, my family and I were able to move to our new home.

Alesha H.

We talked shop right away and Chris was straightforward, accurate and true to his word. We got exactly what he offered in the first call and he was super helpful throughout the process, right up through the day of the closing. Excellent!

Frank H.

Outstanding communication — always thorough; always prompt; never required clarification.

Matthew H.

The Ross Team is the best in the business. [I] have done four transactions with them and each one gets better. They’re true pros, advocates, and friends. Look no further.

Matthew H.

Overall it was a great experience. Each and every individual at MVB was very responsive and keep me on top of everything. I have dealt with many lenders before and I would say that MVB topped them all and I would highly recommend them.

Sayed R.

“During the construction of my home in 2014, I was in need of a major finance loan. I found out rather quickly that mortgage lenders and banks were not too open to homes that were already under construction. After meeting and discussing with too many lenders to count, I was referred to Rob Ross and his team from a colleague. He stated that if anyone can make a miracle happen that would be Rob Ross. Upon meeting Rob and his team, I got a good feeling. They appear to be a united and knowledgeable team and sat down and went over all the paperwork to see if it was possible to assist me. Sure enough, they were able to secure me the loan I was in need of to complete my home. They had to get around a few obstacle, but they were persistent and got me a permanent finance loan at a great rate. How they manage to secure that on my behalf is beyond me. However, they have my utmost thanks and support.”

Chris and the MVB Mortgage team were amazing to work with. They kept us informed and updated every step of the way, which was incredibly comforting for us as first-time homebuyers.

Jacqueline B.

“Really great experienced and highly professional ever I seen. Getting loan is so stressful, especially in this rocky market. Rob Ross navigated some very tough waters and helped us to get loan. There were fourteen offers on the home and with Rob Ross’s expertise we got it. He’s warm and funny and a pleasure to work with! The most notwithstanding matter that he gave me a lots of time and solved our problem. Really grateful to Rob Ross!”

Aramia43 (Zillow review)

The Ross Group at MVB Mortgage, and specifically Mr. Chris Kearney, provided phenomenal service. Chris was very accessible throughout the entire process and answered any questions we had. Chris and his team worked closely with our agent, and it was very smooth. I don’t think I could’ve asked for better folks!

Andy C.

Chris Kearney and his whole team were spectacular in shepherding us through the whole loan process. We will recommend him and his team highly and widely, and are grateful for their explanations of the process, efficient processing, and thoughtful approach to engaging us.

Alfred B.

Timely and efficient, The Ross Group was always available to help and answer questions.​

Seema R.

Thank to everyone who made this happen. It’s been a long process and a lot of moving parts but we are finally finished! We appreciate MVB’s hard-work and dedication to make this happen. Your prompt communication, professionalism, and understanding of the process was a vital asset of stability and confidence. We have had a very positive experience with MVB and would definitely recommend not only MVB but this team specifically!

Chris & Emma W.

The Ross Group and MVB were absolutely outstanding. This was my first home purchase and they were very patient with me. I will be securing all future home loans with this group.

Macy C.

Great with answering all our questions and making the move easier.

Don R.

The tone was set from the beginning for a smooth first-time home loan experience—and this amazing team followed through with impeccable results. We switched from working closely with another lender because [MVB Mortgage’s] rate and communication were leaps and bounds better. One highly talented team member held our hands and walked us step-by-step through every turn. We trusted her from the start, as she gladly spent time on the phone answering all of our questions. She made us feel in control of the process, assuring us that we were responding in a timely manner and always on track.

O. Johnson

Excellent work. Chris was very courteous and quick. His explanations were very thorough.

Ana Maria P.

“Rob was vital during the process of procuring my family home. It was an aggressive bidding process and my husband, and I needed the mortgage aspects taken care of promptly. Rob kindly explained all the options and steps; he was very responsive at every turn and was quick to deliver information and updates as they became available. My husband and I were able to get that home thanks to Rob round the clock hardwork and steady communication.”

H. Hamilton

“Rob was introduced to me by my broker earlier this year. He managed to get me a great rate fairly quickly and efficiently. Rob is a proficient loan officer who made the refinance process as stress-free as possible. I would refer him to anyone seeking a home loan.”

Marty S.

“Rob and his staff walked us through our first home purchase process. We got the best rate and couldn’t ask more from his team in terms of professionalism, courteousness, and accuracy. Our questions were always responded to and answered within minutes. We highly recommend him and his group above all other lenders out there.”

Charles M.

“I worked with Rob and his team in the Washington DC office. They were all incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. Rob walked me through the entire process and was always available to answer my concerns, day or night. The service provided was excellent! I would highly recommend the Rob Ross team to anyone looking for a home loan!”

Jennifer D.

The constant communication and the eagerness and commitment in getting customer qualified (was great).

Ty L.

The Ross Group could not have been more knowledgeable or more accommodating about fulfilling our loan needs. We had the pleasure to work with Rob, Candice, and Claire. They are real professionals who care very much for the people they serve. They deliver on everything they commit to, and they made me feel as if I was their only client. The Ross Group kept me informed every step of the way and made sure all deadlines were met — IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!!! I appreciate their constant calmness, professionalism, and dedication to not only help me secure a loan, but to also allow me to relocate with ease. This isn’t the first time that I have used The Ross Group, and it will not be the last!

Denise M.

We have worked with MVB Mortgage twice already and we love their efficiency and clear communication on every step of the loan process. We would definitely choose MVB again the next time we have a need for a mortgage!